sábado, abril 11, 2020

Conferencia en castellano.
Conferencia en castellano. Panelists: Lucia Ixchiu, Somos Abya Yala – Somos una América, Guatemala Jorge Andrés Forero-González, Somos Abya Yala – Somos una América, Colombia Abilio Peña, Servicio Internacional Cristiano de Solidaridad con los Pueblos de América Latina «Óscar Romero» (SICSAL) Description: In the Kuna people’s language, Abya Yala means “mature land,” “living land,” or “blossoming land” and refers to America. In the first panel, organizers from Guatemala and Colombia reflect on the impacts of neoliberalisms, extractivism, state violence, forced migration, and the pandemic within their communities and throughout the Americas. We will also discuss how communities and social movements are resisting and organizing to safeguard their rights, dignity, and territories in this context.