CONCIENCIA Vegetariana - Canal y Tiras Cómicas

This delicious and beautiful recipe is courtesy of Michelle Kondrich! I love kale so I'm excited to try this new-to-me recipe. I love how she depicts herself and her husband working together in a small kitchen. It is almost exactly how Allan and I move about our tiny space! You can see more of Michelle's illustrations at her website and also follow her on twitter. In other news: MoCCA Fest is this weekend! I don't have a table this year for various reasons (most of them involving the lack of time and money) but I will be walking around on Saturday to see all the comic peeps and support as many of my friends as I can. 

Some books I am looking forward to buying this weekend include Lucy Knisley's Relish, Kenan Rubenstein's Last Train to Old Town, Yuko and Ananth'sJohnny Wander #3 and Becky and Frank's Tiggah Butter #2. If you are a woman who enjoys comics, you should come to the annual Drink and Draw Like a Lady party this Friday April 5th! It is always a good time and I contributed the flyer this year!  VISITA:

Recetas disponibles (Portugues): 

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